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Why Partner with Us?

EOPH ART BY is a concept nurtured by curiosity for over ten years steered towards art. After working on several events and collaborations with artists such as Arnaud Pagès, Richard Orlinski, Audrey Faivre, Les Délires de Joséphine, Arnaud Liard and many more that are closely selected by founding and creative director Malika Benshila.

We are branching out and creating a unique voice for our artists.
We have teamed up with Hôtel de Crillon and launched our third residency in January 2023, a selection of artworks are available for private viewings.

Leasing Art

Refresh Your Space with Rotating Art! Explore EOPH ART BY for Effortless Elegance and Lasting Impressions.

Purchasing Art

Dive into the Art Investment Trend: How Buying from Us Works!

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Get Founder's Expert Insights

Simplified Financial Process

Commissioning Art

Still Searching for the Perfect Artwork?

Create Your Vision with Commissioned Art!

Art Curation & Consultancy

Art Style Dilemma for Your Home?

We Offer Consultation Services:

General Art Guidance

Tailored Corporate Collections

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