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Samar _  Corine Van Voorbergen


Keep your space interesting by rotating your art. Leasing art from EOPH ART BY is a great way to add aesthetic appeal to corporate areas, acquire valuable assets, and impress clients and visitors.

How does it work?

Choose from our wide selection of original contemporary artworks. Perfect for any space in need of a pop of color.

Our curated artworks ranging from original fine art to sculptures, offer many options.

Contact us to tailor the art subscription to your specific needs.

Financing plans are flexible and affordable, with options such as xxx€/month over 12 months or three payments over a year.

To lease art, follow the following steps

Submit a leasing application to us by email

Select your artwork & complete your lease agreement form – we’ll start processing your monthly payments.

At the end of the lease agreement, the corporation can keep the art piece or choose to return it for a new one.

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