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Eva Hendriks, a Dutch artist, infuses life into raw materials with her captivating large wall works that beckon touch. Her curiosity about natural materials drives her art, and from her property development background, she skillfully shapes plaster, wood, steel, and sand into elegant pieces that beautifully blend strength and fragility. Eva's fearless experimentation, nurtured during her global travels, sharpens her observational skills. In her minimalist creations, she masterfully engages with her surroundings, creating an ever-evolving dance of light and perception. Enter Eva Hendriks' world, where tactile art fluently speaks nature's language.

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Salt and Ink on Wood

100 cm x 4 cm

Salt and Ink on Wood

70 cm x 4 cm

Salt, Acrylic on Wood

100 cm x 4 cm

Salt and Ink on Wood

100 cm x 4 cm

Salt, Ink and Resin

60 cm x 80 cm

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