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Studio Lampent is a Gothenburg based lighting design studio, founded and driven by Stavros Kotsakis since 2011.

The name Lampent is the conjunction of the words lamp and lambent and describes the studio’s main goal: to create lighting products with a playful radiance.


With the purpose to explore the endless adventures of light while interacting with fascinating materials, Studio Lampent is dedicated in producing series of exclusive, ambient light objects.


Putting light into the center point of the development process allows the creative journey from form to function to happen. The interplay between the tangible geometry and the fragility of light aims to create a sense of apparent imbalance. This state invites the viewers to a mesmerizing experience while challenging visual perception.


The artist at work



"Lightpulse" is purposed to be used as an atmospheric wall lamp, diffusing a gently warm light through the special acrylic.

Studio Lampent's artwork displayed

Studio Lampent's artwork displayed


Glass and acrylic mirrors, wood (walnut/MDF), metal, LED light source

32 x 32 x 34 cm 

Acrylic, wood, lights

53 x 53 x 13 cm

Free blown glass, cut and polished

52 x 52 x 11.5 cm 

Acrylic, wood, certified dimmable LED light source

53 x 53 x 8 cm

Acrylic rods, acrylic sheets

 wood, metal, lights

34 x 44 x 13 cm

Acrylic, wood, lights

53 x 53 x 8 cm 

S14D opal glass Led tube (dimmable and exchangeable)

 35 x 41 x 17,5 cm

Acrylic rods, acrylic sheet, wood

 (dimmable certified LED light source)

52 x 52 x 8 cm 

Acrylic sheets, acrylic rods, plywood

 LED light source, oak frame

53 x 53 x 12.5 cm 

Heat formed acrylic, certified LED light source

51 H x 40 L x 46 W cm 

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