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Blue Waterlilies - Kim Ahonoukoun 1.DNG
Kim Ahonoukoun _ portrait.jpg

Kim Ahonoukoun



Kim Ahonoukoun, a contemporary Impressionist reminiscent of the French master, Claude Monet, combines vibrant textured brushstrokes with an expressive sense of peace in creating works that are an oasis of color, light and serenity. Kim realized her true calling when she began painting at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and left corporate life to fulfill her passion – an act she calls finding “the courage to be happy”. 



Oil on canvas 

60 x 73 cm 

Oil on canvas 

60 x 40 cm 

Oil on canvas 

50 x 70 cm 

Free blown glass, cut and polished

16cm H x 28cm W x 13cm L 

Price upon request

Oil on canvas 

76 x 100 cm 

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