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Done's Aboriginal Sister by Konstantina_ EOPH ART BY

EOPH ART BY is a new extension of EOPH founded over 15 years ago. It features a digital market place and physical spaces curated by Malika Benshila and her team of professionals.

This art collective Eye of Pink Heater Art By will present singularly the artists in its promotion and across events and residencies that it will be creating. Malika has always been very close to artists and throughout the years has always put their talent forward throughout her fashion week events.

We are now focusing our Eye on incredible talents to create an international blend of artists to represent, showcase, and list through a multitude of opportunities. We are excited to expand your universe by highlighting your works on our digital market place, in our collaborations, our installations, in our projects and creating a beautiful creative community.

                     "Together we’re stronger"

“The idea of the HUB was to embrace a sense of community. I’ve always wanted to support amazing talents be brought into light. What’s unique about this project is that we're bringing a single voice to the creative world by working on collaborations between artists from different countries, different mediums, different backgrounds and bringing them together.”

-Malika Benshila


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