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London, UK


Abid Javed is a research scientist and ceramic artist who lives and works in Hackney, east London. He combines his two passions of science and ceramics to create impressive sculptural forms inspired by molecular biology.

Predominantly he draws visual influence from his chosen field of study, often reimagining internal cells and molecules as tactile clay objects. All objects are hand-built and are unique, each carefully crafted around a story-line.


The artist at work


Burgundy red stoneware ceramic.

25 x 15 cm

Price upon request

Blue stoneware ceramic

23 x 25 cm 

Price upon request

White and blue stoneware ceramic

25 x 13 cm

Price upon request

Grey stoneware ceramic

25 x 15 cm 

Price upon request

Red stoneware ceramic

24 x 18 cm

Price upon request

Black stoneware ceramic

30 x 15 cm 

Price upon request

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