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EOPH ART BY is a concept nurtured by curiosity for over ten years steered towards art. After working on several events and collaborations with artists such as Arnaud Pagès, Richard Orlinski, Audrey Faivre, Les Délires de Joséphine, Arnaud Liard and many more that are closely selected by founding and creative director Malika Benshila.

We are branching out and creating a unique voice for our artists.
We have teamed up with Hôtel de Crillon and launched our third residency in January 2023, a selection of artworks are available for private viewings.

 highlighting incredible art works from around the world

OUR residency at the Hôtel de Crillon

Eye of Pink Heater Art By is currently on its next residency of 6 months

from January to July 2023

A selection of artworks are showcased in the main lobby area of the Hôtel de Crillon and settle as a residency during pinnacle events in Paris, such as Haute Couture & Ready-To-Wear Fashion weeks, PAD and FIAC editions.

OUR artistS


Born in 1988, Emna SELLAMI is a French-Tunisian artist who fell very early in the art world thanks to a family in love with art.

Emna is inspired by space and nature. A multidisciplinary artist, she distinguishes herself by the experimental techniques she uses such as alcohol paint on paper, wood, and plexiglass.

"My goal is to touch the audience through the subtlety of movement and the fluidity of color, I represent emotions." - Emna Sellami

Blue Waterlilies - Kim Ahonoukoun EOPH ART BY
Kim Ahonoukoun _ EOPH ART BY

Kim Ahonoukoun, a contemporary Impressionist reminiscent of the French master, Claude Monet, combines vibrant textured brushstrokes with an expressive sense of peace in creating works that are an oasis of color, light and serenity.

Kim realized her true calling when she began painting at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and left corporate life to fulfill her passion – an act she calls finding “the courage to be happy”.

 Jule Doe_ EOPH ART BY

Jule Doe (Julian den Breems) is a young self-taught artist from The Netherlands. He is guided in his work mostly by external stimuli; human emotions, news reports, roadside graffiti, chaotic streets, neon lights, traffic lights and so on and so on. His art represents his overloaded and sometimes chaotic mind.


Blasting these emotions and impulsive thoughts on canvas intuitively, will result in strong colorwork, detailed drawings, sketchy drawings, multiple layers of paint and different use of materials. Take a look at his work, and many more, because every time you look closely, you will discover something new.

Pleomorph 4 (2nd Gen.) _ Abid Javed _ EOPH ART BY
Abid Javed_EOPH ART BY

Abid Javed is a research scientist and ceramic artist who lives and works in Hackney, east London. He combines his two passions of science and ceramics to create impressive sculptural forms inspired by molecular biology.

Predominantly he draws visual influence from his chosen field of study, often reimagining internal cells and molecules as tactile clay objects. All objects are hand-built and are unique, each carefully crafted around a story-line.

Audrey Faivre, a graphic designer and photographer by training, was born in 1990.

After several years as artistic director in Paris, she moved to Nantes in 2018 to devote herself to her painting. Through her paintings, Faivre advocates a great, powerful and serene love.

 Après Midi_ Audrey Faivre_ EOPH ART BY
Audrey Faivre_EOPH ART BY
Samar_Corine van Voorbergen_ EOPH ART BY
Corine van Voorbergen_EOPH ART BY

Corine van Voorbergen is an intuitive artist. Through her minimalistic round art forms she focusses on the idea of eternal movement. In her current series 'Through the Brass Eye of the Beholder' she evokes a certain feeling in the viewer through her use of colour, visual depth, texture and natural flow. “I aim to express different emotions and thoughts through my art, at the same time also leaving room for interpretation”.

The techniques Corine uses not only draws the beholder in to take a closer look but also encourages them to take a step back and observe the piece as a whole. Corine constructs her art pieces with layers of different mediums including acrylic paint, natural pigment powder and ink. She finishes the work off with a thin layer of epoxy. 

Featured artworks

Soap Bicolore_Corine van Voorbergen_ EOPH ART BY
Impasto_Tim Rawlinson_ EOPH ART BY
EOPH ART BY _ Corine van Voorbergen_ Samar
Green Waterlilies - Kim Ahonoukoun_ EOPH ART BY
Après Midi_ Audrey Faivre_ EOPH ART BY
Soap Pill _ Corine Van Voorbergen_ EOPH ART BY
Walibanga Garrigarrang 4_ Konstantina_ EOPH ART BY
Andromeda 2_Tim Rawlinson_ EOPH ART BY
Pink Waterlilies_Kim Ahonoukoun_ EOPH ART BY
Nebula 2_Tim Rawlinson_EOPH ART BY
Sun Flowers_Gaetan Henrioux_ EOPH ART BY
Pleomorph 1 (2nd Gen.) - Abid Javed_EOPH ART BY
Earth_Gaetan Henrioux_ EOPH ART BY
walibanga garrigarrang 2_ Konstantina_ EOPH ART BY

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